Saving the Email I send to your desktop, you end up with a folder called 'Flash-Web' (shown to the far right, above)
Double click that folder and you get the 5 Icons above.  You change the text in the Notepad file called 'text.txt' and then
double click, the file with the Gears, which is called 'make.bat'.  The Shortcut for 'One Click Update', will take you to
your, freshly updated website. (you can use a site under one of my domains, to try, then move it to your own domain name.


The image above shows what you get after double clicking 'text.txt'.  You can change text and do the whole layout, then 'Save' & 'Close'


You click the 'Make.bat' Icon above and the Black window opens while your new text and or photos are published, world wide.
Usually takes 20 seconds.


Whatever you wrote in the Notepad file. 'text.txt' is now published in Script (we default change to any font, size & color).
Whatever photo you had on your Desktop, which had the name '1.jpg' is the top image of the page.
You can also have 4 photos named 2.jpg to 5.jpg, which if present will appear below the text frame, but if not present on your Desktop
with those specific names, will disappear, when published.  That feature is not shown above, to keep it simple, but you can show from 0 to 4
photos side by side, by simply having them on the Desktop with the reserved names 2.jpg, 3.jpg ...  When you click the 'Make.bat' Icon.
Call me for a free walkthrough, on the phone.

Great for delivery services, food coops, specialty sales items, homework assignments.
Sites that need to be updated often and quickly.



Remember, I also to Virus/Spyware Removal, Backup Strategies, Instruction in a large variety of Window Software.  808-572-7121 Steve Slater