I have a RM-60 from www.aw-el.com, bought it in 1992, it is currently running, taking an average reading every 10 seconds and writing it to a file on an old laptop. Glance at the average at the bottom of the page, once a day and save / restart a new file about every 5 days. I keep the files, but no longer process them looking for short spikes.

Today is Oct. 21, 2011  Spot check of daily averages is consistantly around 11.5 since July.
Seems pretty much in line with a lot of other locations shown at: www.aw-el.com
The daily average since March 16, 2011 has been between
11.1 and 12.5 Micro Roetgens
From about April 27, 2011 to May 6, the average was about 12.1
It began going up about a tenth of a point a day starting
May 7, to about 12.5 on May 10, then started going down.
May 14, for example was averaging 11.6
Until the end of May, it averaged 11.5, by the first week of June, 11.4 then 11.3

Jun 21, 2011: the average has stayed between 11.4 and 11.3

July 1, 2011, it is at 11.6 average.  The heavy rain about 5 days ago, got it up to 11.9

There had been several rain storms, just as heavy that did not effect the 11.4 average until then.

North Shore, Maui, Hawaii
Click Here for Graphs - Each bar is the approximate average
for 1 hour (actuall 56min)
(see conversion links at the bottom of this page)

Web Cam of a Geiger Counter Screen in LA, Calif.  Wait for the irritating ad to disappear, no averages.


Moving Gif, give it time to load, it stops just before California Coast, dated March 15.  I got this off of www.latimes.com  today, but if you fool with the root, in German, maybe there will be a different update:


Serious expensive monitors, considerably more than Aware Electronics


A little iffy, this site, take it with a grain of iodized salt, they not high, but averaging the entire state   


Really good conversion site for Radiation Untis:

Here are some notes I took from two different videos, CNN, I think:

Fukashima as high as 400 mSv (milli Severts) per hour
that is equal to 160 X the average yearly dose
3msv a year is average, CT scan = 3 mSv
one chest Xray = .1 mSv 100 mSv = Cancer risk
1000 = Radiation Sickness
Cesium  Cs 137   30yr Half Life  668 kilo electron volts gamma  -  Iodine I  131 eight day Half Life  -  Strontium Sr 90 29 yr Half Life   -  Plutonium Pu 239 24,000 yr Half Life

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